How it works


BiFlorica provides customers with a marketplace for purchasing flowers directly from Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, and Spain growers at the best price, biggest selection, and highest quality. We’re always looking for more growers from other countries to join the platform and benefit from a growing client pool. If you are interested in purchasing from a plantation we don’t currently list, please inform our managers. We will cooperate with the farm as soon as possible.


We consult and discuss logistics with all new clients. There are several delivery options available on BiFlorica for US clients: 1) delivery from grower to cargo agent in the country of export; 2) delivery to the warehouse in Miami, FL or to any other US airport authorized by CBP to receive shipments of flowers, 3) delivery to your address in the United States. We can discuss with you the delivery option that would be most beneficial to you based on price, quality, and timing.


BiFlorica removes payment risk from you. BiFlorica will make payments to the plantations for the shipments. There’s no need to send numerous payments to different farms. You simply make one payment to us, thus saving time and cutting costs. If you are not fully satisfied after receiving your flower order, BiFlorica has a robust quality arbitration system in place that allows you to receive your money back if there are issues with quality.
The purchase currency is USD. All payments are secured and comply with the PCI standards.
We accept all major debit and credit cards:


Buyers pay a small commission to BiFlorica marketplace. The commission rate depends on monthly purchase volume. The minimum commission rate is 2%. For repeat clients, our procurement process automation allows us to minimize resources and provide our customers with lower commission rates. As clients can see from the first purchase, BiFlorica’s commission rate is far outweighed by the benefits they receive working directly with the growers.

Flower Quality Control

At BiFlorica, we strive to provide our clients with the largest selection, the highest quality, and the best prices available on the market. To protect the interest of our clients, we have in place a Quality Claim Program through which our clients can file a documented report in the event the quality of received flowers is different than advertised. If you need help, please contact BiFlorica customer support and we will be glad to help you file a quality claim


In the event you are not satisfied with the quality of a purchase, we will assist you with filing a claim with the plantation. We will also help you negotiate your claim with either the plantation, cargo agency or with the shipping company. If the claim is accepted, you receive a refund.